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10 responses to “Cubs Make Huge International Splash – Sign Korean Youngster”

  1. KevinG

    I love all this Korean signnings, there seem to be some real talent there. Ace do you have anymore information on him as far as other pitches?

    1. Jeremy

      Name would be Jin-Yeong Kim … In Korea the Sir name is always the first one said and they do not refer to one another by “name”, usually sir name unless your great friends…

      As for age issue, I have lived in Korea for two years and I have yet to figure this one out. To end the speculation the answer is YES, once born Koreans think they are “one”. I say i have not figured it out because I have come across people that seem to think they are 2 years older based on some strange standard I have yet to figure out. This standard “I THINK” is based on the month born…. However Koreans report the date of birth as the actual date, so i would assume when asked to see some form of ID or birth record the correct year is listed, not to add a year..
      Korean born on 1 Jan 2000 considers him/herself to be 11 years old as of 22 Feb 2010. However a Korean born 1 December 2000, may consider him/herself to be 12 years old based on todays date of 22 Feb, you can see where it becomes an difficult to figure. However each of the two examples above would still have a 2000 birthdate listed on government id/records, so i do not think we will see any Korean players lose age over the years.. :)… great information by the way, I enjoyed reading it….

  2. Paul

    I’m a Korean Canadian born here in Canada but from what my parents tell me and from what my family in Korea have told me, they do count the months you spend in the womb as a year. i was always told that I’d be a year older in Korea but for official government uses, documents, and legal procedures, the western age system is used. In Korea regulations regarding age limits on alcohol and tobacco use, as well as the age of consent, are all based on the Western system.

    When people think they’re two years older it has to do with the lunar calendar and the Lunar New Year not the Gregorian Calendar system we go by… Dunno… Go Cubs!

  3. cubsfankorea

    I know bonus is not 1.2M. I am good friend with Jin-young. He said 850,000. I very happy with Korean go to USA but why Cubs have to lie about signing bonus. I don’t understand. Maybe they want to show they have money. Anyway good luck to JY. Go Cubs. soon we will have all-Korean member team!!

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