It may be a pyrrhic victory, but the Chicago Cubs have prevailed in arbitration with shortstop Ryan Theriot. The first-time arbitration eligible Theriot had requested $3.4 million, but will instead make $2.6 million this year.

Now, let the healing begin.

It will be interesting to learn how this affects the Cubs’ budget. Were they counting on Theriot making $3.4 million, and thus, an extra $800k is available? Even if it is available, will they use it to pick up another bullpen arm, or will they bank it for possible mid-season needs?

  • Kevin G

    I really didnt think he was going to anyway.

  • walt

    Taking a stand by the Cubs to not spend more then they have to, 800,000 dollars.

    Winning the Arbitration Case and getting to spend the money elsewhere, 800,000 dollars.

    Insulting one of your more reliable and dependable players, one that plays with class, and pride, and wears his heart on his sleeve…..Pathetic

    Looks like the Cubs can feel better they’re only paying Soriano 17.2 million NET this year after this bountiful win.

    • Ace

      Soriano makes so very much money. It makes my heart cry. And fart.