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4 responses to “Might the Cubs Not Use a Platoon at Second Base?”

  1. DaveB

    To me this is great news, because I take it as Piniella meaning he will not simply give Fontenot the leftie-platoon position going into the season.
    I feel that, after last season, Baker deserves a chance to win the starting spot straight up and have Fonte be a sub off the bench. I REALLY hope that Fonte turns it around this year like in 2008, I enjoyed watching him play that year, but for some reason I am just not that optimistic. He shouldn’t be given starts just because hes a lefty – he should have to earn it in ST by playing how he did in ’08. If he doesn’t, I think Baker should be given the majority of time at 2B to start the season to see if he can produce as a starter.

  2. Kevin G

    I really hope Fontento make it a race for 2nd. I really think it hurt him being forced to play 3rd, a postion he as never played before. The problem is if Castro knocks the Cubs sock off, then it a 3 way fight for 2nd

  3. Tanner

    I think Castro should start in AAA. I really dont have a set reason for this, excpet that there isn’t a rush to get him into the majors. Give him onee more year and then theriot will know for sure that he is moving to 2nd. At this point of the game, Ryan doesn’t know what position he will be at, and this isn’t fair to him or to the club. I think Castro will be GREAT next year, and I am excited to watch this kid in ST.