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6 responses to “Today is the Positional Reporting Date for Spring Training”

  1. KevinG

    D Lee is the only that really have to show up earily but being team captain he should have. Soriano should show up real earily considering the season he had last year and the fact that he is recovering from a injury. A ram same thing about the injuy. Now lets get to Castro, all I read about was his work ethic I guess that was just smoke. He really isnt starting on the right foot with the coaches in spring Training specially since players like Brett Jackson and other are already there. It makes it look like he doesnt want this that much

  2. Dingo

    It could be visa issues.

  3. Dingo

    According to Bruce Miles, Castro played a lot of winter ball via the Arizona Fall League and Latin Leagues plus has been training hard at the Cubs facility in the Dominican. So Cubs officials weren’t expecting him early.

    1. Kevin G

      Thank you for that information I really like the kid, I didnt want to believe he was just lacking off.