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3 responses to “Lou Piniella Hoping Mike Fontenot Can Backup Shortstop”

  1. N

    I really liked Andres Blanco’s defense last season and wouldn’t mind him actually being on the team, so I’m disappointed for him that this might cost him a spot, but I think it’s the better move for the team. Theriot’s going to play just about every game and is not so bad that Lou would want to pull him for defense, so the only way Blanco gets in a game is if Lou makes three double switches at 2nd (always a possibility) or if they need a bunt or if Theriot gets hurt.

    Based on what Lou has said this week, they’d go with Castro full time if Ryan ever went to the DL, so the only way Fontenot’s seeing extended innings at SS is if Theriot was hurt but not hurt enough to go to the DL (Bradley-rific) and he doesn’t really have a history of it. Tracy (or another lefty hitter) would give someone on the bench to be a big hitter against righties – they really don’t have that when Fontenot and Fukudome are in the lineup.

  2. Hawkboy64

    so just because fontenot bats left handed he’s the back up at short if were nt so worried about hving leftys in the line-up then blanco should be the back up fr both short and 2nd