Not all obsessive watches have to be intense.

Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella mentioned earlier this week that pitcher Carlos Silva – received in trade/dump for Milton Bradley – showed up to camp out of shape, which is a euphemism for “planet-like.” The good news is that Silva is at least working on it.

“Silva is a hard worker, there’s no question about it,” Piniella said yesterday. “He might be a hard eater. I’m only joking. He comes out here and works hard. I’m not surprised but very encouraged from what I see.”

That’s good, I suppose, but there’s only so much a guy can do in a few weeks.

  • Cardfan

    The dude just screams ” green and white webbed lawn chair, trailer, and a semi-cold 40 in a paper bag”

    He is frickin’ 7 months pregnant in that pic…

    • Ace

      The donuts. She loves me.

  • ed

    fat – with an f

  • brian

    Silva looks like he ate the old Zambrano

    • Ace

      Maybe just Zambrano’s belly fat. That was the real reason the Cubs acquired Silva – designated lipo man.