We’ve speculated for a few weeks now that when Spring Training rolled around, there were really only going to be two spots available to be won on the Chicago Cubs’ five-man bench, after Koyie Hill, Xavier Nady, and one of Mike Fontenot and Jeff Baker claimed the first three. And now, manager Lou Piniella has confirmed it.

“There are two jobs open on our bench,” Piniella said yesterday. “Our regular team will take care of itself, assuming we stay healthy. On the bench, we’ve got decisions on two positions. Hill will be our backup catcher. We’ve got Nady, and whoever doesn’t play second base . There’s two spots to play around with a little.”

The list of guys competing for those two spots is long, and includes outfielders Sam Fuld, Tyler Colvin, Brad Snyder, infielder/outfielder types Bobby Scales, Chad Tracy, Kevin Millar, Micah Hoffpauir, infielder Andres Blanco and first baseman Bryan LaHair.

  • jstraw

    I don’t know how much it matters who’s filling those spots on opening day. All those guys mentioned figure to be in a revolving door between Chicago and Des Moines until one of them surprised and/or looks to have value in a deal. Same goes for all the middle relievers in the pen.

    • Ace

      I think many do not have options, and obviously guys like Tracy and Millar can’t be shuttled.

  • Jacob

    Sam Fuld, , Brad Snyder, , Chad Tracy, Kevin Millar, Bryan LaHair.

    I think those are the most likely to go on. I’d personally like to see Fuld and Tracey. But I don’t make the decisions. =/