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7 responses to “Piniella: No Plans to Platoon at Second Base”

  1. N

    So dumb. As if 20-30 ABs in spring training is really going to prove anything about either guys.

    Hopefully, this is just a motivation tactic.

  2. Aisle 424

    I have no rational reason to believe this, but I think Baker will be the everyday starting 2nd baseman unless Fontenot does something to change Lou’s mind. I also think we will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome and we can all let the Felipe Lopez angst drop.

    1. DaveB

      Agreed. Baker should be the everyday starter, and its starting to look like Lou is leaning that way.

  3. roger

    well once again.. mlb trade rumors reported derek lee”says we want to retire as a Cub” and that hes waiting on a mutual agreement with the team..Hendry once again needs to pull his head out of his ass and Sign both DLee and Ramirez…those 2 are the cornerstones….please if Hendry hasany smarts he would get this done and let us Cubs Fans Breathe alot better

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