Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs extended their winning streak to two games, which is totally awesome! I kid, mostly – though we’ve got to take it where we can get it, folks. The Cubs topped the Diamondbacks 9-8 in what amounted to very satisfying revenge for the 2007 playoff sweep. Ah ha, I got you again with the sarcasm. I’m so clever. On to the battles.

  • Tyler Colvin continues to rake, adding another couple doubles. Sam Fuld will soon be looking over his shoulder. Brad Snyder had a couple hits, including a walk-off double in his effort to win a bench spot.
  • The youngsters all shined as Starlin Castro, Josh Vitters, and Brett Jackson all had good games. The latter two are not a threat to make the Cubs, and we all know the story with Castro.
  • The bullpen was not a bright spot as Jeff Stevens, John Gaub and Justin Berg, all fighting for a spot in the pen, did nothing to impress. Stevens in particular was disappointing as he gave up four earned runs in just over an inning of work.
  • Kevin G

    Just got back from the Cubs game. First thought I could have pitched as well as Silva anf Byrd looked confused at the plate. The team overall didnt look that bad, Fukudome didnt seem any different swing wise than last year. Theriot looked good in the leadoff spot. The team to me seem like it was lacking something, they had 2 years ago. I cant put my finger on what its just missing something. Ace got some really good picture how do you want me to get them to you?

    • Ace

      Thanks for the update, Kevin. I’ll shoot you an email.