See, I told you that Spring Training games are totally meaningless. The Cubs got stomped by some other team yesterday. But that doesn’t matter. Here’s what matters:

  • Carlos Silva proved that he’s come to camp hungry for redemption. But hungrier for pancakes. After a disastrous two innings where he gave up six earned runs, Silva’s chances to take the fifth starter spot are already dramatically reduced – but his chances to waste a spot in the bullpen remain as high as his salary.
  • Young pitchers James Russell and Andrew Cashner each threw two innings. Russell’s performance was called the day’s best by Lou Piniella, and Cashner’s was only so-so. The Cubs’ 2008 first round pick struggled with his control. Each is looking for a spot in the Cubs’ pen, which now has one more opening with the news that Angel Guzman won’t be pitching any time soon.
  • This game featured most of the Cubs’ regular starting position players, so not too many of the guys fighting for bench spots saw significant action. Tyler Colvin came into the game halfway through, played center field, but went 0 for 2.
  • Kevin G

    The thing I noticed at the game was that Brys never seemed ready at the plate. He was really jumpy and just looked uncomfortable. Colvin may have gone O for, but looked ok as far a comfort, Castro I was impressed by even though he struck out. It was the way he carried himself. Not even sure why, I may just be buying the hype. Soriano is had to read when you look at him, he is always happy. D Lee looked good and A-ram looked just as good. Silva and Kennard might as well put it on a Tee. It was an impressive game as far as the game went, but I am trying to stay postive. I came 4 row from being hit by a flying Bat.

    • Ace

      Castro looks great at the plate. He just has nice form, especially for a 19-year-old.

  • Kevin G

    Ace, I will send you the pictures when I get home today and down load them.

  • Rylan

    ‘Carlos Silva proved that he’s come to camp hungry for redemption. But hungrier for pancakes’ LOL