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9 responses to “Hmm – Seattle Seems to Not Hate Carlos Silva”

  1. N

    From watching from afar, it seemed like the Seattle beat reporters personally liked Carlos Silva, while the Chicago beat guys were twittering about their party plans when Bradley got suspended. How the media remembers you seems to be a lot more dependent about how often you filled up their notebooks rather than how good you are at baseball.

  2. Brian

    One facet of the riddle which is an enigma which is the mystery of Milton bradley and his issues in Chi-town is the fact that Silva’s just a more likeable guy. Though I confess to not following him in Seattle, through all of his two years of suckitude up there not once did Silva decide it was anyone or anything else’s fault but his. A little humble pie goes a long way in the feeding frenzy of life in the sports press. Maybe that’s why they went a little easier on him up there. And from the looks of it, Silva had a least three or four helpings of that pie plus some chicken nuggets, a six pack of tacos, and a bucket sized milk shake.

  3. jstraw

    The city has trouble getting past Bradley? Nah. Bradley and the media may keep picking at it…and we’ll talk about it when they do, but the city doesn’t give him a second thought on days there’s no news story about him, does it?

    1. Cardfan

      As someone looking in from the outside, I would respectfully disagree. Chicago will be getting past Bradley most of the season. Plus, it’s still kind of fun to watch from over here in the cheap seats.

      As for Silva – I’m not comfortable with this recent performance. I will take solace, however, in the fact that he talks to his mother before and after every game – you have to admit it is somewhat bradley-esque!

  4. Kevin G

    I dont thin Silva really didnt anything wrong in Seattle, he never blamed anyone else for his bad play or made excuses. I think the Seattle Fans blamed the GM for giving him the money. It was how Bradley handled his bad play, was what got him in trouble. By lashing out at everyone and the team. Hendry played his role too, he was never really what the Cubs needed. He never was a true left handed power or RBI bat.