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9 responses to “The Third Cut is the Unsurprisingest: Cubs Cut Eight”

  1. Kevin G

    I really think Cashner and Vitters maybe used as trade bait towards the deadline. What do you think Ace? I am at work today bored out of my mind.

  2. Kevin G

    I guess it really as to do if they are buyer or seller? I cant see why they cant be both.

  3. Kevin G

    What I was saying if the Trade D Lee way cant they try and Get Adrian Gonzalez with some of the prospects they get from D Lee and maybe Lilly.

  4. Kevin G

    I think it would take Vitters, Cashner, Theriot (because they were very interest in aquiring him over the winter) and one more low level pitching prospect. For Gonzalez. I also would love to see them go after Josh Johnson too