With a youthful bullpen, light on solid options at the end of the game, the Chicago Cubs continue to consider options for adding a veteran right-hander. To that end, Blue Jays reliever Jason Frasor is still on the table.

The Toronto Blue Jays continue to scout all of the Cubs’ spring training games, and the Cubs have had their top scouts looking at right-handed pitcher Jason Frasor, a 31-year-old relief pitcher from Oak Forest. Frasor would go right into the role of the eighth-inning set-up man for the Cubs if he is acquired. ESPN Chicago.

Frasor has been discussed at length in this space, and I won’t belabor the issue now – suffice it to say, his 2009 was by far the best season of his career, and the Cubs don’t exactly have the best track record with veterans coming off career years.

The Minnesota Twins have also been in talks with the Blue Jays about Frasor, and following yesterday’s announcement that Joe Nathan is definitely having season-ending Tommy John surgery, you can believe that they will up their pursuit. Which means Frasor’s price tag just went up.

  • Kevin G

    does Samardzija have a full no trade?

    • Ace

      I believe so, Kevin. Last year there were rumors of a deal to San Diego, and the no-trade clause was holding things up. So at a minimum, he’s got a limited no-trade clause and the Padres are on his list of don’t-send-me-there teams.

      • Kevin G

        I would think a young pitcher would want to pitch at Petco. It a big ballpark and a young staff , alittle easy to make then the Cubs rotation. No to mention it 64 degree out here right now.

        • Ace

          Seriously. With apologies to Chicago, San Diego is the best city in the United States – by far.

          • Kevin G

            I love it here! But is there any way to find out if He was a full or partial no trade and where is on the no go list?

            • Ace

              I did some limited Googlestalking and couldn’t come up with an answer. I reviewed my prior posts and it looks like his NTC was just discussed generally – never whether it was a full or limited NTC. My guess, however, is that it’s a full NTC, given that whenever he was discussed in trade, folks just said summarily that he’s got a NTC and wouldn’t waive it to go to Team X or Team Y.

              The identity of teams on a player’s partial NTC, by the way, is usually not disclosed publicly.

          • Butcher

            San Diego is the best city in the U.S.? If you’re strictly talking about weather, then I agree.

            • DaveB

              Butcher, I don’t know if you’ve lived in San Diego, but I have to agree with Ace on this one.
              I was born and raised in the heart of Chicago and lived there until I graduated high school, and I absolutely love the city.
              But now I go to college in San Diego and I never see myself leaving ever again. San Diego is such a great and comfortable place to live, I agree that you would think a young pitcher would love to go there to pitch in that park.

              • Ace

                Sorry, Butch, but Dave’s right. I meant all-around. I love Chicago, but it’s number 2. In San Diego, it’s the weather, the food, the scenery, and the general vibe you get from people. It’s just fantastic.

                • Cardfan

                  62 degrees at 10:30pm tonight, my friends.

                  Livin’ the vibe!

  • DaveB

    If we’re going to full-on pursue a reliever via trade, and Frasor’s price just went up, then I’d rather go after the kid on the Padres. He’s damn good and has a lot of upside. Looks like we’re already going to have to give up quite a bit to land Frasor

    • Ace

      I’m with you, Dave.

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