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14 responses to “Carlos Silva is OK, Aramis Ramirez is Starting to Scare Me”

  1. J Reese

    Just for the record Ram Ram dislocated his none throwing shoulder, so he should be able to throw.

  2. Butcher

    Ram Ram?

    1. Brian

      It must stand for Random Access Memory Ramirez (I didn’t know he was a computer geek).

      1. J Reese

        It is what my friends and I call him, refering to the two RAM’s in his name aRAMis RAMirez, RAM RAM!

        1. Butcher

          Haha. I see it now. I hadn’t heard that one before.

  3. KB

    Ace, that headline pretty much sums up the “Cub experience:”
    our worst player is healthy, and our best player is injured.

  4. Kevin G

    This my problem with A Ram. he has the weirdest injuries. A few years ago he had a pulled buttock. He just cant thiugh pain very well. Kind of a winer.

    1. KB

      You ever tried to walk (much less play major-league baseball) with a sore glute?

      1. Kevin G

        Yes I have it sucks but, I catch with it in high school and he seemed to be walking just fine when we was on the DL.

        1. KB

          Fair enough. Plus, I sounded kind of dickish on my post…didn’t mean that.

          Aram really does have a lot of minor/weird injuries. I guess I can relate because I was like that in my own athletic career. (excuse me…”career”). I never got a fastball to the head, or a badly broken arm, but I always had a nagging hammy, or a badly bruised thumb, or some other malady that kept me at about 60% all the time. And I can see Aram not wanting to stare down Lincecum and Wainright at 60%.

          1. Kevin G

            But I look at players like Pujols, Andre Dawson and many others play though bad injuries and think man what a wuss. I played College and High school baseball my career as a player was ended by me being stupid on a volleyball court. I tore my rotator in half. Didnt stop me from trying to get on the field for years until I reallized be the ballplayer I was. I just dont feel like He like playing.