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10 responses to “Seattle Mariners Fans Are Convinced Milton Bradley Will Be Different This Time”

  1. Gino Bellino

    Lou Piniella had it right when he stormed from the dugout to the locker room at Sox park and called Bradley “A piece of shit.” This is the biggest prick that ever put on a Chicago uniform and the biggest waste of money. And then, of course, he pulls the race card. Ernie Banks became a legend with Chicago fans in the ’50s for heaven’s sake. But then Ernie could hit his weight. It’s a matter of time, Bradley will play well for a while in Seattle. But then the momma’s boy will start blaming everyone but himself. It’s a shame a guy like that keeps getting seventh a nd eigth chances–and millions of dollars. Who would miss him? He’s a c___!

  2. KB

    As always, I have a different take Uncle Milty. Is he a raving a-hole? Absolutely…just like 50% of all great players in MLB history. This is not to say that Bradley is “great:” he isn’t. But he’s a damn good hitter.

    In Seattle, instead of being expected to play 162 games (good plan, Jim) he’ll actually be fighting for playing time, because Seattle has 4 very good OFers, more than one DH candidates, plus Junior Griffey. So Milt’s 100 or 120 game contribution will fit right in.

    Will there be a meltdown or three? I’d bet on it. But I do believe he’ll have a productive season at the plate.

  3. KB

    Ace, why is this set up so that we can’t edit out our grammatical mistakes? On that last post, I sound like someone from another country who’s just learning the language, and hasn’t got the hang of sentence structure.

    Would having an “edit” button ruin the whole site?

  4. Kevin G

    Are you talking about the “Kenya West of Baseball” LMAO!

  5. KB

    Hey, Kenya is the cradle of civilization!
    But yeah, Milt’s a deek.

    Thanks for the explanation Acer. I understand.

  6. Cardfan

    Starting at clean-up – this just keeps getting better!!!! Going to be another spectacular fall into sheer chaos. As for the Pollyanna postings in Seattle, should be great material to throw back at them around the All-Star break.

    And to think I get all this entertainment for free…

    1. jstraw

      I will experience schadenfreude and a bit of I-told-you-so satisfaction when he melts down in Seattle. But I have nothing against Mariners fans and sympathize with their desire to believe. I feel the pain they don’t yet know. Now, if it were Cardinals fans…