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6 responses to “Jeff Samardzija is Kind of Pissed”

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  2. Brian

    Once again, Ace, you hit the nail on the head. I saw Samardjia throwing against the A’s (not pitching) and he looked god-awful. I’ve never been a fan of him, thought he was a product of the Chicago media hype machine, and shocked by the no trade clause he was given as an unproven rookie. Really, Jim, what were you thinkin’? The fact that he’s got a bigger mouth than an arm really doesn’t surprise me. I realise that he probably gets more attention than some of the other fringe pitchers who are just as good (Stevens, Gaub, Kashner, Atkins, Mathis, Dolis, Mateo, et al.) but he better learn to zip it or he’s gonna start getting the Jones/Hawkins/Bradley treatment every time he takes the mound. Please Jim, get him to waive his NTC so we can send him and Marmol off to the Padres for Health Bell (I’d even throw n Vitters just to get the deal done). Until then, Jeff, take a look at Marshall’s numbers compared to yours before you start wining about not starting.

  3. KB

    Hendry, Lou, Larry Roth and Gary Hughes should have a little sit-down with the toothless Shark and outline some basics:

    1. Learn another pitch, jackass. This is MLB.
    2. STFU

  4. KB

    One more thing: Hendry worships Notre Dame.
    Hendry signs Shark to most ludicrous contract imaginable.

    1. Brian


      You’re right on. MLB is not like NBA or NFL. You draft in quantity, not quality. It makes no sense to pay this guy all that front money (though I don’t really have a problem with that part) AND give him a no trade clause. I don’t even think Prior, Strassberg, or that Cuban kid on the Reds (I can’t think of his name) got a better deal up front – 10 million, a no trade clause, and no rush to develop. I can only say to Jeff (and I hope he’s reading, but he’s probably not): Stop bitching about not starting and start concentrating on how to get three straight batters out without walking anybody or getting lit up like a tiki torch. Because once Lilly comes back, one of the starters is going to the pen (probably Silva). That means your ass is going back to Iowa where you can start all you want and be the star interview for the Iowa City Times, Ames Gazette, and Cedar Rapids Sentinel. Enjoy.

  5. biggz

    Jeff Samardzija is Kind of Pissed; Also, a massive gash