The Fifth Cut is the Bullpeniest: Cubs Cut Another Seven

Yesterday the Chicago Cubs trimmed their Spring Roster for the fifth time, crushing the hopes and dreams of seven players: outfielder James Adduci, infielders Darwin Barney and Bobby Scales, catcher Robinson Chinoros, and relievers John Gaub, Jeff Gray, and Marcos Mateo.

With yesterday’s announcement that Jeff Samardzija would indeed be in the bullpen, these cuts leave just James Russell and Rule Five pick Mike Parisi competing for the last bullpen spot, and, as we noted in yesterday’s post about the starters, Lou Piniella has said that Russell will make the pen (short of a trade). Mike Parisi, it seems, will be heading out the door in short order.

Jeff Gray probably would have made the pen, but for his groin injury. Once he proves healthy, it will be interesting to see if he replaces someone in the pen.

And yes, I realize that headline contains the term “peniest.”

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3 responses to “The Fifth Cut is the Bullpeniest: Cubs Cut Another Seven”

  1. dfvda

    “The Fifth Cut is the Bullpeniest”?? That’s the best you can come up with?

  2. Gargantua!

    Nothing wrong with a relief corps owning a bull penis…