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9 responses to “Tyler Colvin Makes the Chicago Cubs”

  1. jstraw

    If Colvin is really this good then when do we deal Nady? Now or after he’s healthy and worth more. With a crystal ball, would Hendry have signed him in the first place?

  2. Kevin G

    I heard a rumor on a site I dont know if Itrust. About Fukudome being on the trading block and Mets, Whitesox, Astros, Giants, and DBacks are interested.

  3. Kevin G

    Here is the Site I got the rumor from

    1. jstraw

      You don’t say.

  4. Kevin G
  5. jstraw


  6. Kevin G

  7. KB

    Trade our one high OBP OFer so we can keep a guy who’s CEILING is Jeff Francouer?
    Gary Hughes rules again.

    Ricketts better get a new GM quickly.