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8 responses to “Are the Chicago Cubs Shopping Kosuke Fukudome?”

  1. N

    Cot’s Baseball Contracts says Fukudome has a no-trade clause as well, which would make a trade even more unlikely. I hope the next GM doesn’t hand those out like free candy at a the doctor’s office.

    I think this trade might make sense next offseason; even if the Cubs were stuck paying half of Fukudome’s final $13.5mil, they could probably find someone to give them the same or better production for less than $6.5mil and save money on the whole deal. And maybe a year where Fukudome struggles more and starts even less would make him willing to waive his no trade.

    But no one’s going to make a move like this one just days before the season.

  2. 1060Ivy

    Weren’t there rumblings this time last year that the Cubs were planning to shop DLee since Hoffpauir and Fox were seen more than adequate replacements for Derek.

    1. Stephen Simpson

      And to add to it in the entire month of april pretty much everyone said that Derrek Lee needed to be traded for someone even if it was minor leaguers…And look how he turned out…

  3. Joseph

    The blog called Hot Stove Cubbies is ridiculous. The gentleman lives in the Des Moines area and always claims to have a source. His source is someone in the front office with the Iowa Cubs. Hardly “deepthroat” if you will.

    This same source told him how the Cubs were hot after Jason Bourgouis after he was released by the Houston Astros. Mr. Bourgouis cleared waivers, claimed by no team, and was reassigned in the Astros farm system. Cubs could have had him for nothing, but chose not to claim him. Hardly “hot” after him.

    It seems this gentleman thinks of things in his head and then finds a way to “have a source” to legitimitize his rationale. He still yearns for Gary Sheffield as a back up outfielder.

    Now, could Kosuke be available for trade. Absolutely. He is over paid and now the Cubs have alternatives in Nady and Colvin and others in the remaining years of his contract. So to say he is available, no duh. So is Soriano if you want to pay him. But, to create a rumor and provide teams that “you” think could want him is not responsible reporting. This site is much more reliable and entertaining.

    My 2 cents…………………

  4. Jason

    ESPN Chicago claims that Tracy has claimed the final roster spot. Just thought I’d share.

  5. KB

    Joseph, that was really well-written.
    And I agree…Ace here has a very nice site.

  6. J Lenon

    Well I don’t think the Cubs would shop Kosuke. One, he plays an exceptional RF. Two, he is in the 3rd year of his contract and should perform much better. Third, who is going to pay his contract? No one is right. And why would we pay him ten mil a yr to play for someone else when he could help us this year? I am not sold on Tyler hitting .300 and smacking 29 homeruns like I read on a previous site. Unless you are Joe DiMaggio or Big Albert P, most players don’t have rookie years like that. Granted he can get some ABs and spell Kosuke and Soriano (who is healthy and hit 30 HRs at least). I see Bryd playing at least 140 games in CF. And Nady can hit. So with 5 healthy outfielders, this can only help the Cubs. Thank God Fontenot is hitting and The Riot is hitting over .400 this Springs as our new lead off guy. Good news, because our young bullpen might get tested. But, they are better than the guys we had last year, we have some power arms. Marmol will be very good, but not Mariano like. Who is? MLB network picks us to win 79 games. They are out of their minds. A better team, healthty, no Bradford, Big Z and Soto looking good, etc. I think the Cubs will win about 92 games this year. And win the Div or the wild card. We shall see.