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Month: March 2010

It Seems Pretty Clear that Mike Fontenot Will Be the Backup Shortstop

Whither Andres Blanco. The Chicago Cubs have been experimenting with Mike Fontenot quite a bit at shortstop this Spring, even as Fontenot was trying to nail down the starting second base gig. Apparently the experiment has proved successful, as it looks more and more clear that Fontenot will open the season as the backup at […]

Spring Training Battle Watch: March 25, 2010

The days of the Spring Training Battle Watch are growing short, my friends. I know, your collective hearts are breaking. Yesterday, the Cubs put the wood to one of the best starting pitchers in the National League, Dan Haren. It would be nice if it were real. On to the battles… Tom Gorzelanny probably just […]

Tyler Colvin May Just Make the Cubs After All

When the Chicago Cubs took Tyler Colvin with their first round pick in 2006, you could hear the groans from across Chicago. The kid – talented, to be sure – was projected as a third or fourth round pick, and the Cubs had just tabbed him in the middle of the first. What was up? […]

Angel Guzman Had His Shoulder Surgery

Chicago Cubs reliever Angel Guzman finally underwent shoulder surgery on Tuesday to repair a relatively serious tear. The surgery was a success, though Guzman is still out for the year. Cubs reliever Angel Guzman has had arthroscopic surgery to repair a career-threatening injury to his right shoulder. The procedure performed Tuesday by noted orthopedist Dr. […]

Spring Training Battle Watch: March 24, 2010

The Cubs mollywhopped the Rangers today 12-1, behind a strong effort from… Sean freaking Marshall. He threw four innings without giving up an earned run, striking out five, walking one, and giving up three hits. As I said yesterday, if this guy does not land a rotation spot, he never had an actual chance to […]

Cubs’ Rotation and Bench Rumors

While we still have no official word from Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella on the final makeup of the rotation and the bench (much less the bullpen), we do have a pretty good idea of how things are trending at this point. Paul Sullivan has offered his thoughts: Carlos Silva and Tom Gorzelanny appear to […]

Aramis Ramirez Hits Well in Return, But as DH

Chicago Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez still isn’t quite over his triceps injury. He finally got into some game action yesterday, but just as a DH. Playing third base will have to wait – but he might be ready by Friday. “I felt pretty good out there today,” Ramirez said. He has been sidelined because […]

Ted Lilly Will Not Pitch in Spring Training Game

Chicago Cubs starter Ted Lilly, recovering from shoulder surgery, had hoped to make it into a Spring Training game this year, but it looks like it won’t happen. Cubs manager Lou Piniella said Lilly will throw in minor-league games starting on March 27. With Cactus League starters progressing to five and six innings, the team […]

Spring Training Battle Watch: March 23, 2010

The Cubs lost to the Royals 5-5 today (yes, that’s a tie … but it’s the Royals), behind a mediocre outing from Ryan Dempster. On to the battles yo… Two young relievers who are on thin ice – Marcos Mateo and John Gaub – probably shouldn’t have worn their Timberlands for this one. Each blew […]

Carlos Silva is OK, Aramis Ramirez is Starting to Scare Me

The Chicago Cubs, like most teams, are dealing with a few injury issues at this late Spring stage, but most are expected to abate early in the regular season at the latest. Or sooner, in the case of pitcher Carlos Silva, who left his last start a little early with thigh issues. The Cubs’ Carlos […]

One Lefty and One Righty Will Win Rotation Spots

Chicago Cubs pitchers Carlos Silva, Jeff Samardzija, Tom Gorzelanny and Sean Marshall are competing for two spots in the rotation (at least while Ted Lilly is out), and until now, it was unclear whether their handedness would impact the decision on who gets the call. But now, it looks like it’s going to be a […]

Ted Lilly: Junk Thrower

Everything is still going according to plan for recovering Chicago Cubs starter Ted Lilly, who threw 35 pitches to hitters – including all of the pitches in his repertoire – in a simulated game yesterday. “I felt good,” Lilly said. “I was able to throw some curveballs, sliders and a few changeups. For the most […]

Spring Training Battle Watch: March 22, 2010

The Chicago Cubs got stomped by the Cleveland Indians 9-2 yesterday, and unfortunately, the Cubs’ lineup was the one featuring most of the regulars. Oopsie doodle. But, hey, it’s all about the battles… Jeff Samardzija tried to impress in what is almost certainly his last Spring outing before Lou Piniella makes his rotation decision. Unfortunately, […]

The Cubs and Blue Jays Continue to Talk Trade

With a youthful bullpen, light on solid options at the end of the game, the Chicago Cubs continue to consider options for adding a veteran right-hander. To that end, Blue Jays reliever Jason Frasor is still on the table. The Toronto Blue Jays continue to scout all of the Cubs’ spring training games, and the […]