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Month: March 2010

Piniella: Not Only Is Justin Berg in the Pen, He Might Set-Up

We’ve received very few insights into the open spots in the Chicago Cubs bullpen. Obviously we know who is pitching well and who isn’t, but we don’t have too many comments from manager Lou Piniella on whom he believes will be heading north with the Cubs. And then he casually dropped a bombshell. The Cubs […]

Chicago Cubs Minor Leaguer Busted for Steroids – Again

A youngster in the Chicago Cubs’ system – don’t worry, you haven’t heard of him – has tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. For the second time. Cubs outfielder Gregorio Robles has tested positive twice for a banned performance-enhancing drug. His 100-game suspension will begin with the start of the 2010 season. He still has 43 […]

Angel Guzman Will Have Surgery – Season, Time with Cubs, Might be Over

As we learned yesterday, Chicago Cubs pitcher has opted for surgery on his right shoulder. The procedure, he believes, gives him the best chance of having a Major League career going forward. ”I’ve always been a positive guy,” Guzman, 28, said Thursday. ”I consider myself a hard-working guy. And I’m just going to keep it […]

Spring Training Battle Watch: March 18, 2010

We’re starting to get down to it, where it’s a bit easier to see who’s going to wind up where, but there are still a few battles to be worked out. Yesterday, the Cubs lost to the Dodgers 7-3, and… Tyler Colvin just won’t stop. He went 1-4 with an RBI single, but one of […]


Why the 2010 Pittsburgh Pirates Will Suck

Editor’s Note: Yes, it’s that time of year again – the time for us to settle back into our protective bubble where the Chicago Cubs are destined for greatness, and every other team in the National League Central is bound for spectacular failure. If you’d care to check out last year’s fare:St. Louis Cardinals,Cincinnati Reds, […]

Cubs Haven’t Decided What to Do About Tyler Colvin

It’s a dilemma that teams face this time every year: a youngster comes along, puts together an impressive Spring Training, suggesting to the world that he’s ready for the Majors, but there is no starting room at the inn. Just a lowly bench spot. Does the team bring the kid along with them to the […]

The Second Cut is the Shallowest: Dolis Out

Quick Spring Training roster update: pitcher Rafael Dolis, who had an outside shot at landing in the bullpen, didn’t make it this year. He’ll start the year out at AA. The Chicago Cubs today optioned right-handed pitcher Rafael Dolis to Double-A Tennessee, reducing their spring roster to 50 players. Chicago’s spring roster of 50 players […]

Hmm – Seattle Seems to Not Hate Carlos Silva

I’m not going to say that Chicago, collectively, hates Milton Bradley. But as we’ve all seen, the city does have trouble getting past the Bradley experience – you can scarcely pick up a local paper without seeing a story about him. Bradley, of course, brings most of it on himself, but he’s never discussed without […]

Ted Lilly Could Miss Just Two Starts

As we guessed a couple days ago, Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella has confirmed that if pitcher Ted Lilly sticks to his current schedule, he’d miss just two starts in April. Lilly, recovering from off-season shoulder surgery (and a knee-pain setback, and a viral setback), will throw to live batters for the first time on […]

Spring Training Battle Watch: March 16, 2010

The Chicago Cubs continued being one of the better teams in the Cactus League, which is of course meaningless, but still nice to say. They beat the Texas Rangers 4-1, behind the effort of… Carlos Silva. Man… the guy had a great outing. There’s no getting around it, much like there is no getting around […]

Ryan Theriot: Leadoff Hitter

Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella confirmed yesterday that there would be no leadoff platoon this year, and announced that Ryan Theriot would be the leadoff hitter. Theriot batted .283 in 42 games in the leadoff spot last season when he took over for Alfonso Soriano, who was dropped to sixth. The Cubs, who used six […]

God’s Wrath Watch: Jeff Gray Will Finally Face Live Hitting

When the Chicago Cubs acquired Jeff Gray from the Oakland A’s earlier this offseason, he was a presumed member of the 2010 bullpen. But a nasty groin strain has kept him out of action for more than a month, cutting into his chances to land a spot in the bullpen. Finally, though, he’ll soon be […]

Ted Lilly is Still a Recovery Machine

Chicago Cubs pitcher Ted Lilly, who just welcomed his first child into the world, is somehow ahead of his recovery schedule from shoulder surgery, despite a viral setback a couple weeks ago. “We want to keep him under the radar gun and not talk much about it,” Piniella said of Lilly’s progress. “He’s coming along […]


Spring Training Battle Watch: March 15, 2010

The Chicago Cubs headed down to Tucson to take on the Colorado Rockies, and it totally wasn’t worth it because the Cubs lost 5-2. And there wasn’t much settled in the way of battles, either: Rule Five pick Mike Parisi had his first really bad outing of the Spring, giving up three runs, two earned, […]

Are the Cubs Considering a Deal for Kerry Wood?

When Chicago Cubs reliever Angel Guzman went down, presumably for the year, rumors picked up about the Cubs adding another right-handed reliever. The kicker, of course, is that the Cubs were already looking for such a right-handed reliever, and efforts to add a guy now will be met with outrageous demands. But maybe the Cubs […]

Angel Guzman Will Meet with Dr. James Andrews Today

Chicago Cubs reliever Angel Guzman has been a magnet for injuries in his ten years in the organization, and his most recent could mark the end of his time with the Cubs, if not his career. Guzman, 28, has a significant tear in his shoulder, which will keep him out for quite a while, and […]

So the Cubs Aren’t Getting Cuban Shortstop Hechavarria

Last week, there was a head-scratcher of a rumor that had the Chicago Cubs attached to a top Cuban shortstop prospect, who is free to sign with any team. Yesterday, word trickled out that the kid – Adeinis (not Adeiny, apparently) Hechavarria – would more likely be signing soon with the Blue Jays. The Post […]

Spring Training Battle Watch: March 14, 2010

The Chicago Cubs beat the Angels, but Randy Wells got shellacked by a lineup that didn’t have all its regulars. Eek. On to the battles: Kevin Millar played first base and had a double and a homer, but I still don’t see how his presence on the bench makes the Cubs much better than would a […]