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Month: April 2010

God’s Wrath Watch: Esmailin Caridad, Remember Him?

Not but one week into Spring Training, Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella was all too eager to name youngster Esmailin Caridad his right-handed setup pitcher. Flash forward to the season and Caridad struggled with control, struggled with the long ball, and then, apparently, struggled with his arm. He was placed on the disabled list almost […]

Starlin Castro Could Be Headed to Chicago Soon

Chicago Cubs super prospect Starlin Castro has been raking at AA this year, and, together with his AFL dominance last fall and his impressive Spring Training, he’s proving that he’s just about ready to try on his big boy shoes. The Cubs, apparently, have noticed. Chicago Cubs prospect Starlin Castro’s ascension to the major leagues […]

Lou is Getting Grousy

After yesterday’s tough loss to the Nationals, Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella was in no mood to be second-guessed about his decisions in the game. Piniella was asked by a freelance reporter whether he considered bunting after Marlon Byrd led off with a double in the eighth with the Cubs down 3-2. Mike Fontenot popped […]


President Obama Needles the Chicago Cubs – Again

President Obama is a White Sox fan, so you have to expect a certain level of mouth breathing and meth-teeth. I kid, I kid. But seriously, when it comes to White Sox fans, one thing you can expect? Digs at the Chicago Cubs. Yesterday the self-proclaimed Chicago White Sox fan went out of his way […]

Alfonso Soriano is Patient

If you’ve noticed one thing about Alfonso Soriano’s performance over the last couple of weeks, you’ve noticed that he’s hitting really well. If you’ve noticed two things about Alfonso Soriano’s performance over the last couple of weeks, you’ve noticed that his patience at the plate is truly impressive, and he’s clearly seeing the ball very […]

Enhanced Box Score: Nationals 3, Cubs 1 – April 27, 2010

You can’t be upset when the Cubs are dominated by Livan “Cy” Hernandez. My tongue is mostly in my cheek, but then again, Hernandez really has been dominant this year. Another good outing from Tom Gorzelanny that results in a loss, but a familiar whipping boy gets the enhancement today.

Joel Sherman: Carlos Silva to the Dodgers for George Sherrill?

With a theoretical surplus of starting pitchers, and an actual need for a late-inning reliever, rumors about Chicago Cubs trades were bound to start swirling. And Joel Sherman of the New York Post offers a doozy, but one that mostly emanates from the penumbras of his mind – and not any concrete source. The thrust? Sending Carlos […]


Carlos Zambrano is Still a Starter at Heart, Crazy Person at Head

Perhaps the most shocking part about Carlos Zambrano’s move to the bullpen was the fact that no local cats were eaten, and no underpants were worn on any heads. In sum, Zambrano didn’t go crazy. In fact, Zambrano has been downright cool about the whole thing, and has really stepped up to help out the […]

Cubs and White Sox to Compete for Imaginary Championship

File this one under “meh.” Early-rising Cubs and White Sox officials and marketing executives got together Monday morning to announce what will be called the BP Crosstown Cup. Henceforth, the team with the most wins in the annual interleague series will be formally awarded the rivalry’s namesake trophy. But there was no Cup at the […]

Carlos Silva in 2010: Lucky or Good?

When the Chicago Cubs dumped Milton Bradley on the Seattle Mariners, the trade was assuredly about saving some cash. The fact that the Mariners required the Cubs to take back some pitcher in the deal generally didn’t merit comment (except the requisite “Carlos Silva? But that guy sucks!”). Now, it merits comment. Together with Tom […]

Carlos Zambrano to Remain in Bullpen for at Least Six Weeks?

The Carlos Zambrano to the bullpen experiment has always been regarded as just that: an experiment. But how long will it last? Presumably, the move is not permanent, but if none of the other starting pitchers starts struggling mightily, how long could Zambrano stick in the pen? Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella has implied that […]


It’s the Iowa Bullpen for Jeff Samardzija

When the Chicago Cubs sent disappointing pitcher Jeff Samardzija down to AAA Iowa yesterday, it was unclear whether he would revert to starting, or would remain a reliever. Reliever it is. One thing the Cubs won’t do with Samardzija is put him in Iowa’s starting rotation. They’ll keep him in the pen. In the past, […]

Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 5, Brewers 1 – April 24, 2010

Welcome back, Mr. Lilly. This game showed us exactly what has changed with Lilly’s return – Lilly, himself, dominated as we’ve come to expect, and Carlos Zambrano came out of the pen to preserve a lead. Preserve the lead he did… but he did give up the Brewers’ only run, and allowed plenty of baserunners.

Jeff Samardzija To Iowa

Today the Chicago Cubs activated Ted Lilly, so they had to make a corresponding move. We always knew one of the relievers would head out, but until Carlos Zambrano was moved to the pen, it was assumed that it would be a lefty heading out. The one good thing about Zambrano going to the pen? […]

Minor League Pitching Must Have Offended Starlin Castro

Chicago Cubs shortstop prospect Starlin Castro – now officially the top prospect in the Cubs’ system – is beating AA pitching like a glorified tee-ball tee. Of course, expectations need to remain tempered, and it’s been just 14 games, but in 61 at bats, Castro has truly been incredible. He’s sporting a .426 average and […]


College Football Officially Heads to Wrigley

They’d been talking about it for a while now, but it became official yesterday: the Northwestern Wildcats and the Illinois Fighting Illini will square off at Wrigley Field on November 20. The home of the Chicago Bears from 1921 to 1970, Wrigley Field again will feature goal posts and end zones as Illinois and Northwestern […]

Starlin Castro, Andrew Cashner: Coming Soon?

The Chicago Cubs’ top positional prospect and top pitching prospect, Starlin Castro and Andrew Cashner, respectively, are doing very little this year to merit a change in those mantles. Each is tearing up AA, and Bruce Levine has suggested we might see them in Chicago sooner rather than later. Shortstop Starlin Castro has been ripping up […]

Still Facepalming It: The Cubs React to the Zambrano Bullpen Move

From one Chicago Cubs teammate, speaking of the Zambrano to the bullpen move sounds like a mix of surprise and forced optimism to me… “That’s unbelievable,” starter Randy Wells said. “I can’t imagine, but if it helps the team, that’s what it’s about right now. We need somebody there. It could have been any of us. […]

Screeching Tire Sound: Carlos Zambrano to the Bullpen

Oh. My. God. The Cubs have shaken up their rotation, sending workhorse Carlos Zambrano to the bullpen in order to make room for injured starter Ted Lilly. Zambrano will start his relief stint Friday, and Lilly is expected to start Saturday’s game in Milwaukee. Chicago manager Lou Piniella had to make a move because of […]