Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 5, Braves 16 – April 5, 2010

Fact: 37% of household accidents are caused by the Chicago Cubs.

I didn’t make it to the second time through the Braves lineup before I’d dropped my remote control into the wall. Gotta watch those household accidents.

There are enough negatives from this game to fill a dozen Enhanced Box Scores, but allow me to offer a pre-enhancement: can we agree that Carlos Zambrano should never, ever be allowed to throw on Opening Day again? The guy may very well be the ace of the staff, but for five out of six straight Opening Days, he’s been brutal.


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17 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 5, Braves 16 – April 5, 2010”

  1. Kevin G

    I am not going to tell you I told you so. Oh am I kidding! I told you so. LoL just messing with you Ace. I now glad I had to work and missed it. I have it DVRed though.

  2. brian

    1 down 161 to go and as my Cubs optimism quickly turns to pessimism may I just say, if this game is any indication for the season, that it looks like the rookie bullpen is gonna get a lot of experience this year

  3. Bric

    I also hate to say I told you so, but I did (at least partially). Please Hendry, talk Samardjia into waving his no trade clause and then send him and Marmol to S.D. for Heath Bell. Those two are going to blow more games than all five starters combined. If you have to wait two weeks, then so be it. When (if) Lilly comes back in two weeks Silva can go to the pen to take J.S.’ spot. I know Zambrano looked terrible but I believe he can bounce back. There’s no hope for Samardjia and we need more experience in the pen. I’d throw in Vitters (who I also believe will bust like Patterson) just to get the deal done.

  4. KB

    I might trade Marmol straight up for Heath Bell. I might even throw in the Shark, since I doubt he has much of a future. But throw in our #1 prospect too? The guy we took ahead of Matt Wieters and Jason Heyward?


    1. Bric

      It might be a payin a lot for Bell (considering he pitches in a very large park without the wind issues of Wrigley) but at this point I would do whatever’s neccesary to get Shark out of our system. If he goes down to Iowa, his name will just keep coming up again. He needs to go very far away. Vitters also needs to go far away (back to CA). He’s starting to look more and more like Patterson, Montenez, Harvey, and all the other 1st round picks that get passed up by guys taken after them (Just like Vitters getting passed up by Weiters and Hayward). Marmol would be the third player only because he’s a mini Zambrano headwise and is gonna be asking for big Z money soon. Two headcases and an overhyped player for the league leader in saves sounds like a pretty good deal. IMO

      1. wax_eagle

        Because its always smart to trade 3 young cost controlled players for one old reliever who pitches at most 1 inning a night…

        We haven’t seen Vitters at the major league level yet (heck we haven’t even seen him at AAA yet). So don’t put the cart before the horse on that one. Marmol is a rare pitcher who is virtually unhitable, the head issues can be solved.

        As for Samarzidja I don’t have much love lost for him because he is frustrating, but give the kid a full season at the big league level to see what he can do.

        No one expects much from the Cubs this year, and there are a lot of young kids on the roster, let them surprise you.

  5. wax_eagle

    I was at this game from about the fourth inning on. I got stuck in traffic and missed the first 3 inning so I missed the Heyward, Byrd and Ramirez shots. But I will say it was frustrating watching Cubs pitchers not throw strikes. 8 walks is just complete and utter fail.

    However, I think the Cubs are capable of rebounding nicely and having a good season. The diving catch by Fontenot was an awesome play to rob a hit. Hopefully our defense improves all around.

  6. pygreg

    It boggles my mind that Samardjia thinks he deserves to be a starter, especially after last year. He’s got such a sense of entitlement…probably from going to Notre Dame. Maybe we can trade him for Cutler? Same accuracy problems, but I bet Cutler has a stronger arm. And the Bears need receivers!