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4 responses to “Alfonso Soriano’s Knee Watch: So Far, So Good”

  1. Bric

    Random thought: If the Cubs are 5 or more out of the wildcard by July then they’ll probably start selling and look to next year. This is a very early progmostication of what the it might look like:

    Probably gone:
    Pinella, Lilly, Lee, Nady (due to expiring contracts)
    Zambrano (due to mental illness)

    Possibly Gone:
    Dempster, Ramirez (big contracts and possible trade value at the deadline)

    Long shot but possibly gone:
    Fuke, Grabow (big contracts and possible a little value at the deadline)

    Sandberg and Maddux in as new head coach/ pitching coach for next year. Hendry? Possibly fired. I know it’s just two games in but Ricketts is a businessman and has already got to be thinking of the money spent, the production received, and how to balance the two.

    1. Kevin G

      I agree With on of your Probably gone but Zambrano only way he will ok a trade is to the White Sox and they dont have the money for him.

      Fukudome is gone, because of Colvin. Dempster no Way and A Ram no way, because they both have full no trade clauses. Of course so does Fukudome, Lee, and Lilly too. Pretty much everyone but Nady, and Grabow have no Trades.

  2. Bric

    The NTCs and large contracts would definitely get in the way of an possible July deal for Ramirez and Dempster (unless it was a team they really want to go to and management is already talking about 2011 by then). But if Lilly, Lee, and Pinella are all out, it might make Aram’s and Dempster decision to go someplace else easier by December. I honestly hope they hold on to all of the aforementioned players for another year or two because I think it’s a better line than any alternatives in the minors. I just think Ricketts is going either want to see production value for the money spent or just start over completely.