Which is fine with me, to be honest. I like to see that ‘ole Lou still has some fire in the belly.

Piniella’s postgame news conference ended after a question about whether [Sean] Marshall’s role would change after 2 good outings.

“Look, we just played two games, sir,” he said. “We played two games. We’re not in our 22nd game or our 42nd game. We’ve played two games for God’s sake. What do you want? Roles change in two games?

“Look, it was just a tough loss and leave it at that.” Daily Herald.

And the answer to the question, by the way, will almost certainly be yes. Having Marshall as a long man is a luxury – the long man rarely pitches in high pressure situations. In fact, he’s usually in there to mop up when the starter leaves early. But in a bullpen with so many question marks, can the Cubs really afford to keep Marshall in a luxury role instead of a later-inning, higher pressure, more important role?

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    Marshall seemed to even have a little swagger about himself last night. I like it.

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