Bookended by excellent performances from Carlos Z and Carlos M. The offense, however, is still struggling – multitude of home runs aside.


  • D

    Your really complaining about only four runs when we only had one walk…. and that was by DLee.. Come on.. the most runs we would have been able to score (and this is just from looking at the box score since I didnt actually see the game) is 6.. 4 runs on 5 hits is excellent. I would be complaining more about the strikeouts than the Walks or Runs. 8 K’s.

    4 runs and a win.. I am happy. The K’s are important, cause if even half of those had been walks we may have scored another run or two.

    • Ace

      You’ve described exactly why I’m complaining – 4 runs on 5 hits is LUCKY, not excellent. Obviously I’m happy about the win, but the Cubs won’t win too many games like that this year. The offense has not been good this year.

  • Kevin G

    I am worried with the ability to manufacture runs. Relying on the homerun too much. It just a problem that they have had in the passed. They is why I really I want to see a little more speed on the team this year.