gods-wrathThe magnifying glass had been pointed elsewhere for a couple of weeks and we all became complacent.

Chicago Cubs first baseman Derrek was pulled from today’s game against the Brewers due to some swelling in his thumb. He had x-rays, and although they turned up negative, he might still miss a game or two while the swelling goes down.

Lee was taken out of Monday’s game after the fourth inning because of pain and inflammation in his thumb. He grimaced after he singled in the third inning of the Cubs’ 9-5 win over the Milwaukee Brewers, and again after he singled in the fourth. He was replaced at first by Xavier Nady, who started the game in right field.

“[Lee] hit a ball that jarred his finger a little bit so we got him out of the ballgame,” Cubs manager Lou Piniella said. “He had some swelling in it.” cubs.com.

Apparently Lee has been dealing with the thumb issue since Wednesday, when he jammed it at second base against the Braves. Obviously it hadn’t been affecting him much at the plate, as he’s been one of the Cubs’ best hitters thus far (which is, of course, a tallest midget type of situation). The scary part is that it appears todays removal was not the product of a singular event – but instead the gradual worsening of his thumb.

Hopefully a day or two off will cure what ails him.

  • KB

    I love D Lee. But it should be a warning sign (if he’s seeking a long-term contract at his age) that he keeps getting nicked, dinged, and beset with a bunch of small, nagging injuries.

    • wax_eagle

      He is just old. However, he has shown that he can be extremely productive playing 120 games a year. we have a couple of solid backup options who can hit in Nady and Tracy so I wouldn’t be too worried. however, I think the Cubs should take pause when considering an extension or a new contract or Lee. There are 20 other guys who can put up similar numbers at 1b.

      This is a situation similar to what the Braves have with Chipper. Guys who when healthy are extremely productive, but have a tendency to be hurt often. The braves just gave Chipper an extension last year to play out his career in Atlanta. I don’t know if the Cubs are going to be willing to do the same with DLee.

      • Lokanna

        I hope not. Derek’s been a fine Cub, but he’s won a ring with another team (beating our beloved) and as KB pointed out, there’s a lot of options at 1st. Hell, 3-4 of baseball’s finest offensive guys are about to become free agents if their teams don’t resign them. I’d take Pujols, Fielder, Gonzalez, and even Howard now that he’s raised his defense.

        • Ace