In honor of the Milwaukee Brewers’ first visit to Wrigley Field this year, we’d like to offer up a send-up of their biggest (ha) star, Prince Fielder. Enjoy.


  • Butcher

    Why is he a professor?

    • Bric

      Because he ate alot of textbooks.

  • KB

    No one has ever mentioned it, but D Lee’s contract is up this year, and Prince will be a FA next year. The Spanks already have 1B tied up for 7 more years, and the Red Sox have Youk.

    Fielder does hit well at Wrigley, no?

    • Ace

      I’d take him, but I’d still call him fat.

  • Cardfan

    For worse or even-worse, I expect to see this oversized temper tantrum in a Cubs uniform in the not-too-distant future. The Brewers cannot afford a $200M player.

    • Bric

      It’ll never happen. The fans and media up here are screaming from the rooftops to find the 150 million plus just so they don’t lose him to the Cubs. The funniest thing about this whole hypocracy is that when the Brewers dig deep to resign him they will become the one thing they despise more than anything- a team with a 100 million plus payroll. But I’m sure they’ll still figure out a way to play the small market race card every chance they get.
      And speaking of hypocracy, why is that 99% of Wisconsinites would shoot Brett Favre on sight for his leaving but don’t seem to have a problem with scalp hunting Trevor Hoffman after his distinguished career in S.D.? Just sayin’.

      • Ace

        I know it’s slightly different, but did you ever think you’d see Jim Edmonds in a Cubs uniform? And more than that, LOVED in a Cubs uniform?

        Also, I know that’s not why you’re saying it won’t happen… I just wanted to say it.

      • Cardfan

        the only way to avoid the XXXXL Cubbie uni is for the Brewers to finish in the lower half of the division this year. Then he’s off to Seattle to make up for Lord MIlton Fauntleroy’s inevitable shortcomings. Milwaukee has to compete at the highest level these two years to even entertain the thought of keeping him.

        • Bric

          What have you seen so far that makes you think they won’t finish fourth or below? I knew it was gonna be a long season for them when they brought in two left handed starters who’ve never been that impressive in this division anyway. What was Melvin thinkin’? I figured with that pitching they’ll end about fourth or fifth and they probably will. The real question to you Cardfan is what big move your team will make (they always seem to) to get you over the hump? I could see you trying to bring in either Cliff Lee or Oswalt because Carpenter looks a little shaky early. Thoughts, anyone?
          P.S. I still say grab Heath Bell quick for our eigth inning guy before the price goes way up.

          • Cardfan

            Cards + proven closer = very happy Cardfan

            • Bric

              No, I meant the Cubs should grab Bell. We need him more than you.

  • Jenny

    What the hect is your guys problem?? HUHHHH????????? I mean there is nothing wrong with Prince Fielder! In fact he is HOT right now!

  • Fatlady101

    I don’t think its very funny to make fun of fat people… what did Prince Fielder do to you? NOTHING! yaaaah! Nothing. So shut up!

  • BunBun

    Wowww! is this suppose to be funny?
    -its not impressing me

  • Jeff

    Wow, three people within three minutes of each other, ripping on comments from over a year ago. The trolls have arrived at Bleacher Nation.

    • deej

      hahaha AGREED! i was wondering why the hell those posts came up on the recent comments. way to stay current everyone.

    • jh

      How the hell does that happen that three retards post about something from over a year ago??? In more relevant thoughts, I really think we can bolster the rotation if Hendry can somehow unload Milton Bradley for a pitcher…. fuck!

    • Ace

      Who knows where these people come from. But I can say two things for certain:

      (1) Prince Fielder is fat; and

      (2) That poster is funny.