Jeff Gray to Cubs, Esmailin Caridad to DL

It should be no surprise that Jeff Gray – acquired in the offseason,
together with a couple meh prospects, for Jake Fox and Aaron Miles -
is now on his way to join the Chicago Cubs’ bullpen, following
Esmailin Caridad’s placement on the disabled list with a
totally-not-made-up forearm strain. Gray was expected to be a part of
the bullpen when the Cubs broke Spring camp, but following a groin
injury that slowed his readiness, Gray needed some time in Iowa to get
ready for the season.

After a few dominating performances, he’s apparently ready. Gray is a
big-time control guy, something the Cubs sorely lack from the right
side, so hopefully his addition will be both positive and permanent.

4 responses to “Jeff Gray to Cubs, Esmailin Caridad to DL”

  1. Mary Ann Hall

    Hi Jeff: Hope you can help me. I am trying to find the location of the bleahcers. Have been to umpteen sites under “Cubs” and still cannot locate them. Would you please tell me where they are located. I have a chance to buy a couple of tickets for my dearly beloved who has been a Cub fan all of his life, but I cannot find them. Also, if you had an opportunity to buy any tickets, which game would you choose? Please advise. Many thanks.

    1. Ace

      The bleachers are in the outfield. If you’re buying tickets for a game coming soon, might I recommend one of the many wonderful sites listed in our sidebar…?

  2. KB

    Ace, you had me at “he’s a control guy.”
    If that’s true, I will LOVE him.

    1. Ace