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7 responses to “Racist and Homophobic Tee Shirts Still Hanging Around Wrigley”

  1. Jen

    Ah, yes – what to wear when the weather gets too warm for the white sheet & hood.

    I don’t know who’s worse – the bigoted street vendors or the bigoted buyers. (Probably the buyers, because even with the misunderstood and misapplied free speech, if no one would buy them, they would go away.) I have seen the Ozzie one sold around St. Louis for years, except, of course, with Zambrano. So they’re not only racist, but knockoffs.

  2. Mike

    Some people are ignorant. News at 11.

  3. Bric

    Great article. If you respect your own team and the sport don’t disrespect them buy this crap. America is a great country because we have the right to say very stupid and ignorant things. And we have plenty of very loud idiots to prove it.

  4. KB

    Why are the Cubs always singled out for this sh@t? Have you seen the kind of stuff that Red Sox fans wear at Fenway? It’s significantly more vile. (lots of ways to express Jeter’s taste in private matters, let’s say).
    I’m pretty certain that New Yorkers return the favor in kind.

    There will always be a small contingent of jackasses who think this stuff is cool. What can you do? It’s not worth gutting the 1st Amendment about.

    1. Gyeva

      The cubs are getting singled out here in illinois because were in chicago dumb ass. People in Boston don’t give a flying fladoodle about this shit

  5. Cardfan

    You can’t fix stupid, so why try?