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4 responses to “Ted Lilly Would Make an Excellent Minor Leaguer”

  1. N

    I’m hoping Silva ends up in the bullpen. Not because he’s bad (so far), but a game going from Carlos to Carlos to Carlos would at least be amusing.

    1. wax_eagle

      this seems to be the inevitable course anyways. the righthanders in the pen have looked over matched so far and we already have 3 very capable lefties in Russel, Marshall and Grabow (ack).

      Even if Russel goes down I think it will be Silva in the pen because 3 lefties in the pen is a lot already and the right hand side needs serious help.

      Hopefully Gray will show better stuff and Berg will get untracked and Lou can make the decision on performance instead of handedness.

    2. Bric

      That’s classic. It would beat when we had the possibility of Rich Hill pitching to Koyie Hill and Bobby Hill covering second (Damn it, Bobby!).

      1. Kenny L.

        That boy ain’t right.