Chicago Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano is a popular whipping boy these days, even as we are but a couple weeks into the 2010 season. Still, following a wildly disappointing 2009 season, Cubs fans were hoping for a swift Soriano rebound. Not only has Soriano not rebounded (yet), he has not even looked like a capable Major League player who is just getting unlucky.

Not something you want to see from a guy who’s signed for another 5 years (!) at $18 million per year (!). For his part, ESPN’s Rob Neyer says Soriano might not make it that long with the Cubs.

I see two [options for the Cubs with respect to Soriano]: Release Soriano, or trade him for some other team’s disastrous contract. But a trade’s not likely, simply because there aren’t many (any?) contracts out there that look quite as bad as Soriano’s (not with Barry Zito climbing back to respectability). I think there’s a 50/50 chance that Soriano will simply be released before his contract expires, and perhaps well before then. SweetSpot Blog – ESPN.

I think that’s a pretty fair assessment, though I’d put the odds that the Cubs release him within the next two years at about 1 million to 1. The Cubs wouldn’t take such a drastic step until they absolutely knew he was done, and they absolutely needed the roster spot. I can’t envision that happening for another couple of years.

So, for now, he’s ours, folks. Keep getting used to it.

  • Kevin G

    We could trade him if and only if we ate about 60% or more of his contract. Lets face it he never really belonged in the NL. He is a DH playing LF, I never like the pick up when it happened.

  • N

    How have I gone thru life without seeing that picture before? Awesome.

    60% is pretty low. The Cubs are paying 78% of Bradley’s contract, and the M’s took him believing he might have some real value if he was in a different city. Soriano has no value.

    Back on the day he signed, I was sure Soriano was getting moved or dumped by the last two years of the deal. Maybe if we’re lucky, they can swallow three. It’s still two long years until then.

    As sad as it is, the next best thing to Soriano getting better is Soriano turning into Eric Chavez – expensive guy who can’t help you because he’s hurt and not good, but isn’t actually getting in the way of the team and allows you to figure out a new solution without the awkwardness of benching the ex-star.

  • sTEPH

    Do these idiots realize how stupid this sounds?

    It is 10 days into the season.

    I hope Soriano bounces back and starts bashing the heads in with his bats of the media members and the fans join him in beating the media up.

    • Kevin G

      No his numbers have been declining the last couple of years and he is a defense liability in the field. He has been on since he came up in into the majors.

      • sTEPH

        He was hurt last season and he also had a good 2008 and 2007,

        I’m pointing out how stupid it is to say he will suck all season based on 10 days.

        Then we have the idiots saying Cubs should get rid of Ramirez and Zambrano.

        Notice a pattern here?

        • Kevin G

          I like A-ram but I have been calling to get rid of Zambrano for the last 2 yrs. Ace and I got into this over the winter. He is not a true number one and as never proved to me he can be a dependable #1.

  • sTEPH

    Am I the only one disgusted by writers like this openly rooting for Soriano to fail?

    And how stupid they sound 2 weeks into the season?

    And this is of course from Rob Neyer who is a complete idiot.

    I love articles like this. Fabricated stuff.

    Barry Rozner’s article totally fabricated the other day.

    So when Soriano is not benched and it shows he made it up

    He either bounces back and he says that was why

    or he doesn’t and it’s because of the money.

    One good thing about the boobirds at Wrigley. The kids they beat get a break when these scum are at the game.

    • sTEPH

      A typical Wrigley Boobird

      Wears the hat backwards so is too dumb to know how to wear a hat.

      Is drunk before he even walks in.

      Only has a 50/50 chance of guessing which team is the Cubs.

      Thinks Ernie Banks was the first million dollar player so got the nickname Banks.

      • Bric

        Steph, please don’t talk about backwards fans until yOU tAKE yOUR cAPSLOCK oFF. In other words… “Hello pot, this is the kettle”.

    • jstraw

      Did you read Neyer’s article?

  • KB

    Alf is a wonderful natural athlete, and thus I still hold out hope for him.
    It’s a shame that his skill set doesn’t currently include “playing baseball.”
    But it doesn’t. And one major thing that stands in his way is the sudden onslaught of video, data, and statistics that are now available to every team. All of the data basically says the same thing: if you never throw Alf a fastball, he will never hit a baseball.

    So guess how many fastballs he’s seeing these days?

    • Ace

      Good point, Kabes. It’s amazing it’s taken teams this long.

  • http://bleachernation roger

    come on guys…12 games into the season and we are already giving up on Soriano…nobody was complainig when he hit 35 homers and 90 rbs’s…give the guy a break…we all make mistakes..i would trade theriot and let starlin castro take his knocks…we can alsotrade fontenot …with bakers play lately we can get some bull pen help! its not the infield or out field..ITS OUR PITCHING!!

    • Bric

      It’s the eighth inning right now (Mets game) and yes, the bull pen needs some serious early season restructuring. But that being said, the hitting just isn’t there either. Nor is the overall defense. I don’t know what the answer is but it’s painful to watch yet another quality start go down the drain because of lack of hitting, defense, and holds in the bull pen. Really the only unit that has performed above average right now is the starting pitching. Just like last year. So unless we want to finish at around 81-81 again, something’s gotta give.

      • Bric

        Just as I posted that last comment Theriot hit into a double play. So to answer your question: yes, it is the infield, and the outfield, and the bull pen.

        • Ace

          Yeah – it’s pretty much everything except the rotation.