Cubs anal. For explanation, see here.

It’s the season in a microcosm: offense fails to come through with any kind of regularity or predictability, the starter throws a brilliant game only to see the bullpen blow it, and the Cubs lose to a team they should be pounding.


  • D

    I like that we are not blaming this on Marmol-aide hahah… This one is clearly proof that we need more bullpen help. Marmol should not have to come in in the 8th.. PERIOD. I think if we had a bullpen we could trust this would have been a 2-1 final and the Cubs would have been back to .500.

    we will never know though because there is no going back now.

    • Bric

      All I need is a flux capacitor for my bath tub. Then I’ll go back to March 15th and talk Hendry into trading for Heath Bell or Jeff Frasor. Until I find one though, I guess I’ll just keep hoping that he trades for one or the other soon. Considering the price keeps going up (the Padres are playing well and Frasor keeps producing in close games) he’ll have to decide soon whether it’s worth betting the future for this season. But if I were him I’d definitely make a move. I don’t think Samardjia, Caridad, Berg, Atkins, or Vitters’ trade value will get anyhigher than it already is. Thoughts?

      • Ace

        Jason Frasor has sucked this year. Just sayin’.

        I don’t think any kind of dealing will happen until after Lilly returns, and the Cubs see how that affects things.

        • Bric

          Frasor’s saved three games and blown two. But I imagine if Grabow was in his job, facing the AL hitting Frasor’s seen (instead of the strike-out happy Reds, Astros, and Brewers), his numbers would look even worse then they are. So the question is who would you rather have. I think that when Lilly comes back the bullpen is going to shake up a little more than just Silva going in and Berg going down. So now should be the time at looking at trades.

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