Sometimes I feel like I’m writing a Dan Brown novel here, because it’s the same story, recycled again and again. Except here, we don’t at least get any exciting revelations about seventeenth century freemasons.

The starting pitching was great, the offense was pathetic, and the bullpen imploded. If there is a certain cure out there for your hard luck team, it is playing the Chicago Cubs.


  • rafael meirelles

    Should I laugh or should I cry…. this year is gonna suck

    • Ace

      Yup. No tears of joy, that’s for sure.

      • Kevin G

        Ace for once I dont have any idea! We look so bad on so many levels, it scary! I feel for our Starting pitching (all but Big Z) Have lloked really good, Which seems to be the only bright spot so far this season. Our Defense is bad, Out Offense is worsr and our Bullpen are Words I cant say in front of my kids. Have you been watching our minor league teams? Most of our Prospects have been doing very well. So I see hope but I am not sure I see it for this year though. Also who would you blame for the team more so far this year? Hendry or Lou?

        • Ace

          I blame Hendry, but not 2010 Hendry. I blame the poor planning and forethought of 2008 Hendry.