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4 responses to “Might Someone Other than Carlos Silva or Tom Gorzelanny Get Bumped from the Rotation?”

  1. Anita

    And when that happens, will Samardzija be getting a ticket to Iowa? As an ND fan, I’m rooting for the guy, but I hold my breath every time he takes the field…with good reason.

  2. Bric

    That’s all we need…more drama and mystery. Because I don’t live in IL I had to watch a recent game broadcast by the other team. Their anouncers were laughing about how fun it is to come to Wrigley and enjoy the “carnival atmosphere” that is the Cubs. Seriously, by now Hendry and Lou should understand that we fans are gonna show up, buy the shirts, and watch the games whether they suck or not. So you may as well say what’s on your mind. The one thing we don’t need is any more drama (or Wells or Dempster having to go shore up the bull pen).

  3. Kevin G

    If we go by preformance the Answer is easy Zambrano. My problem with him before was that he doesnt pitch like a number 1 starter and now he isnt pitching like a Number 5. I may not like the guy as our Ace but I alway thought he had great stuff.