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17 responses to “Screeching Tire Sound: Carlos Zambrano to the Bullpen”

  1. N

    Who’s ready for everyone to get fired?

    I know we wanted hands of ownership who would let the baseball people take care of the baseball people, but I’d be okay with Ricketts being hands on right now. Hands on someone’s neck. This is moronic.

  2. Kevin G

    I guess I am noy eating my words on Zambrano Ace!

  3. necubsfan

    Next they can pull Ramirez and Lee out of the starting lineup to bolster their bench. Piniella and company have gone full retard!

    1. Rylan

      I laughed at that.

  4. Bric

    Hold on and take a deep breath. Clearly Lou has had no idea what to expect from his bull pen since they broke camp (not a good sign). We knew changes were gonna happen as Kaplan said this morning “Big changes”. You gotta figure that when Caridad comes back in about ten days Russell will go down to Iowa, Gorz will take his spot, and Z will go back to the rotation. So all this really is is a wake up call. In other words, “Wake the F up and do your job!” No one is untouchable. You can go round and round about Sori’s contract and the boos and all that, but you gotta admit, in the last couple of days he’s responded positively. If you treat employees like babies, they’ll act like babies. You treat them like men, they’ll act like men. Make earn his spot back (and his 90 mil).

  5. Kevin G

    Ace, Is it possible that they are doing this for another reason? Could they be trying to get him to drop his no trade and trade him off somewhere? what do you think of that theory?

    1. jstraw

      Yeah, Ace…do ya think the Cubs want to get rid of Z? Do ya? Do ya think the Cubs think his salary is the resource they need to free up to fix the other stuff? Do ya?

  6. juniorbors

    This move is moronic. In my frustation I tried to figure out why the hell the organization would pull this crap and I have a far fetched idea. I have noticed his velocity is down. Is it a possibility he has a “dead arm” but doesn’t want to sit and the team doesn’t want to make it public? This would enable the team to limit his pitches while he continues to compete. Stupid move regardless.

  7. wax_eagle

    Here is my thought.

    Silva is hot right now. If he begins to falter you do the following:

    Send Z to DL with a tired arm. Let him get stretched out in Iowa/Peioria, wherever its convenient.

    Send Silva to 8th inning duty.

    Bring up Cashner/Jackson/whoever is ready to spot start until Z is ready.

    I think this covers all of the bases if this fails miserably.

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