Apparently the Brewers are to the Cubs as the Cubs are to every other team in the National League. Additionally: every single homer the Cubs hit today was a bomb. There were no cheapies.


  • Kevin G

    I was thinking the samething about playing the Brewers. But I have a question. Do you think the Cubs are holding the Colvin back by not giving him enough starts?

    • Ace

      So far he’s been seeing a ton of playing time – if not a ton of at bats. It hasn’t appeared to affect him offensively, since when he does play, he’s hitting well.

  • Jim Maley

    I am a Sox fan and actually hate the cubs. But I typed in Sports Blogs into google and this came up. I must say, you do a nice job and do a better job than any white sox blogger out there.

    • Ace

      Well thanks, Jim. I like you. Even if you are a Sox fan.