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4 responses to “Joel Sherman: Carlos Silva to the Dodgers for George Sherrill?”

  1. N

    I dunno. Not sure if Sherrill will rebound or not, but we would’ve been thrilled for anyone to give the Cubs even a questionable guy in return for Silva coming into the season. Forget questionable guy, I would’ve been thrilled for a half full bag of M&Ms for Silva.

    Maybe Sherril’s not the right guy, but Silva’s due for a harsh regression to the mean and it’d be great if Hendry can capitalize on his value while he still has some.

  2. Butcher

    I would love to see Hendry sell high on Silva while he still can. There have to be some teams desperate for starting pitching and willing to give up a bullpen arm in return…

  3. blam

    Agree about selling Silva high. But Sherrill’s a lefty which was the reason Gorzey didn’t go to the pen.