You can’t be upset when the Cubs are dominated by Livan “Cy” Hernandez. My tongue is mostly in my cheek, but then again, Hernandez really has been dominant this year. Another good outing from Tom Gorzelanny that results in a loss, but a familiar whipping boy gets the enhancement today.


  • Kevin G

    I have a crazy idea, do you think if and only if the dont resign Derek Lee (and because the outfield is pretty set until the need of Next season) that they may expertiment by trying Tyler Colvin at 1st.

    • Rylan

      Nah, they’d play Nady at first before Colvin. Because we have him for the 2011 season, right?

      • brian

        Nady only has a one year, and no I doubt Colvin would be moved, but I do remember something about Josh Vitters moving to first, at least as an experiment but I wonder if there’s a possibility we can see him playing first after this year. Given he has to actually be able to play first and more importantly the front office actually has to keep him around instead of dumping all of our prospects to get a late innings guy who will only be with us till the end of the season. Just tossing that out there.

  • Kevin G

    No Nady has a one year contract.

  • ed

    why move a good outfielder to first and leave poor outfielders in the outfield? that just makes no sense. And obviously Nady is history after this year. If he has a good season his price will go up, then he will not be worth it for the cubs, who have plenty of outfielders. If he has a bad season he still won’t be worth it, considering the emerging talent and long term contracts in the outfield. As far as D Lee is concerned, the cubs would be better served to re-sign him than play anybody else at first. Lee is one of the best defensive first basemen in baseball, and still has a better bat than Nady or Colvin, current slump withstanding. Besides which he will be a bargain next year considering his age and injury history.

  • Rylan

    Why dont we just wait for Albert to hit free agency and sign him to a 4 year, $200 Million deal? Sounds like something we could pull off, right?