Yes, well, so, that happened. And it does happen. At least it wasn’t a heartbreaking one-run loss, right?


  • CSquared

    Should’ve drawn it shitting, would’ve equated well to what the Cubs did yesterday.

  • ed


    I see you are having difficulty dealing with reality. We all have our issues, but I think I can help you.

    It starts something like this:

    Hi my name is Ed, I am a cubs fan. etc.

    • Ace

      Hi, my name is Ace, and I’m a masochist.

  • Kevin G

    LoL that was funny Ace! But I a real question what do you think of the team? Are they Bad, average, good or great? I dont even know why I put the last two. I would almost rather them be terrible then average, at least terrible will force change.