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4 responses to “God’s Wrath Watch: Esmailin Caridad, Remember Him?”

  1. KB

    You know, how did I end up a Cub fan? My dad was from the South Side…why the Cubs?
    Not that I have Sox envy, but I sure as hell would like the Cubs to occasionally have a positive outcome in their dealings.

    I really liked Caridad. Just like I liked Guzman, and Juan Cruz, and Farnsworth, and Prior. WTF? Did you read the Jorge Posada interview, where he discussed all the pitchers he’s caught? Said Farns was the hardest thrower he’d ever seen, by a good amount. This is a guy who has caught Randy Johnson, a roided-up Roger Clemens, Mo Rivera, David Cone, Sabathia. Talk about million-dollar arm/ten-cent head.

    OK, where was I? Oh yeah…one of these days, it’ll all come together. 2008 had all the markings of it being THE year. 2010 doesn’t seem to have that sheen, eh?

    1. Bric

      I just remember thinking that 2008 reminded me at the time of the 2001 Mariners. They beat the crap out of a bunch of lesser teams and coasted into the playoffs. Then they couldn’t get the job done. The other thing I remember was the one team I didn’t want the Cubs to play in the playoffs was the Dodgers. Lou took the last three games off, The Mets were put out, the Brewers got in, and the Cubs ended up playing the Dodgers anyway. Last painful memory… the only lead in that series was a homerun by DeRosa. We shoulda known that was a red light that he wouldn’t be back. Hendry has a bad habit of doing that. IMO