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Month: April 2010

Alfonso Soriano is Close to Being Benched

It’s no secret that Alfonso Soriano is struggling. After an atrocious 2009 season, the Chicago Cubs outfielder – and highest paid position player – entered 2010 with a surgically-repaired knee, and a renewed desire to perform. So far, so bad. Soriano has not hit, and worse, he looks like his defense has deteriorated even further […]

Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 1, Reds 3 – April 11, 2010

Once again, the starting pitching shines, while the bullpen chokes. But that’s not the story of this one. The story today was the abysmal offensive performance with men on base, and the hilarious defensive performance in left field by Mr. Soriano.


Ted Lilly Ain’t Coming Back Soon

Chicago Cubs pitcher Ted Lilly is now officially delayed in his return to the Cubs’ rotation. Rehabbing from offseason shoulder surgery (and earlier knee surgery), Lilly’s timeline has fluctuated between as early as mid-April and as late as mid-May. For a while, it seem mid-April would be no problem – but now, the latter time […]

Carlos Silva, Ted Lilly, Shoulders, and Bullpen

Here’s one big mish-mash of related information. Follow me: the bullpen is struggling, Ted Lilly’s recovering, Carlos Silva is smarting, and things might be changing. Piniella wouldn’t discount the possibility of Ted Lilly returning after one start at Triple-A Iowa, which would allow him to move Tom Gorzelanny to the bullpen. “When I get Lilly […]

Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 4, Reds 5 – April 9, 2010

The horror. The horror. Carlos Silva looked as good as Esmailin Caridad looked bad. The offense slapped Homer Bailey around, but didn’t have enough runs to show for it – Aramis Ramirez hit approximately 15 balls to the warning track. Still, the story was the bullpen, and then the oh-so-close to a comeback in the […]


Ted Lilly Has a Sore Back

Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Ted Lilly is still on track to come back by mid-April, but he is suffering from yet another malady: a sore and stiff back. Cubs left-hander Ted Lilly was scheduled to pitch Friday for Triple-A Iowa, but his session was pushed back to Sunday because of stiffness in his back. Cubs […]

Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 2, Braves 0 – April 8, 2010

Party in your pants! Randy Wells is apparently the stopper the Cubs need, and Tyler Colvin is apparently capable of hitting bombs when the games mean something. Additionally, a friend recently said something I’d been thinking for a few weeks: Marlon Byrd is the reincarnation of Glenallen Hill.

Lou Piniella Getting Testy Already

Which is fine with me, to be honest. I like to see that ‘ole Lou still has some fire in the belly. Piniella’s postgame news conference ended after a question about whether [Sean] Marshall’s role would change after 2 good outings. “Look, we just played two games, sir,” he said. “We played two games. We’re […]

Alfonso Soriano’s Knee Watch: So Far, So Good

Chicago Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano played just 117 games last year – and when he did play, he wasn’t altogether healthy or effective. The Cubs are hoping he gets back to form this year, because they could surely use his bat. Alfonso Soriano’s left leg is passing all the tests. On Wednesday, Soriano was 2-for-4 […]

Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 2, Braves 3 – April 7, 2010

Great starting pitching performance? Check. Questionable defense? Check. Disappointing offense? Check. Bullpen blows it? Check. Sound familiar? That’s the 2009 Cubs, folks. And you watched them last night, right here in 2010. It was kind of like time traveling, which would be cool.


Chicago Cubs 2010 Minor League Rosters Are Set

Without delay, here are the 2010 minor league rosters for the Chicago Cubs. Up first, the Iowa Cubs: Among the returners is the Iowa Cubs’ 2009 MVP, catcher Chris Robinson. Robinson was also Iowa’s lone representative at the 2009 Triple-A All Star game. Outfielder Sam Fuld, who led Iowa with 11 outfield assists in 2009 […]

Greg Maddux is Mentoring Like Whoa

During the offseason, the Chicago Cubs added one of the best pitchers in the history of the game to their staff – their front office staff. Greg Maddux has been something of a roving tutor for the Cubs so far in his stint, and the various Cubs pitchers will continue to look to him for […]

Aramis Ramirez: Voice of Reason

It’s easy to (1) put too much stock in Opening Day results, as you’ve waited for months and months to see “real” baseball, and (2) put too much stock in a blowout, in either direction. Chicago Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez wants you to chill out. ”I don’t think it’s disappointing at all,” Ramirez said […]

Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 5, Braves 16 – April 5, 2010

Fact: 37% of household accidents are caused by the Chicago Cubs. I didn’t make it to the second time through the Braves lineup before I’d dropped my remote control into the wall. Gotta watch those household accidents. There are enough negatives from this game to fill a dozen Enhanced Box Scores, but allow me to […]


Nationals Have Talked to Cubs About Kosuke Fukudome

When the Washington Nationals dismissed outfielder Elijah Dukes, they opened up a gaping hole in their lineup. At present, they plan to fill right field with some combination of Willie Harris and Willy Tavares, which is oh-so-very Nationals-like. But they aren’t necessarily satisfied with the status quo, and have been discussing trade options, which includes […]

Piniella No Longer Keen on Platooning in the Outfield

Hmm. Time was, we assumed there would be some kind of platoonish set up in the outfield such that, when the Cubs were facing a lefty, they would find a way to get Xavier Nady into the lineup, together with Marlon Byrd and Alfonso Soriano. While it might not lead to a straight-up platoon with […]

It’s Time

Opening Day is here, my friends. Treat it like the holiday it is. Chicago Cubs 2010: It’s Going to Happen! … probably. If you haven’t already, check out the Bleacher Nation Facebook Page (become a fan, or else). And then check out the Bleacher Nation Twitter Page (follow me, or else). And then check out […]

Starlin Castro to Open Season in AA

Contrary to previous statements, including those by Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella, star shortstop prospect Starlin Castro will not start the season in AAA Iowa. Expect shortstop Starlin Castro to open the season at Double-A Tennessee along with pitcher Andrew Cashner. Darwin Barney, who impressed the big league staff this spring, will be assigned to […]

Say Goodbye to Cubs Spring Training 2010

The Chicago Cubs will wrap their Spring Training experience today before opening up the regular season (woo hoo) on Monday. Reader Kevin G. sent in some great shots from Mesa that we wanted to share – consider them parting shots.

Sigh: Carlos Silva is Getting My Hopes Up

When the Chicago Cubs dumped Milton Bradley for Carlos Silva in December, the reaction from fans was universal: sigh. This is the best they could do? Really? Really?? Silva had just struggled through what could very literally be the worst two seasons a pitcher could have and remain in Major League Baseball. Expectations were low. […]