The Chicago Cubs managed to win three straight against the Diamondbacks, and actually took a series against a team other than the Brewers. Tom Gorzelanny finally gets a win, and the offense once again throttled D-Back pitching.


  • Kevin G

    I am happy we won and are at .500 but, I will be happier when we win a series against a team with a winning record. We have the pirates next which we should win the series, which we should be above .500 afterward. When we start beat good teams is when I will start believing in this team!

  • Rylan

    Ah, I remember when I thought signing Marlon Byrd to a backloaded contract was a terrible idea.

    • Ace

      I thought so, too. And I’m certainly not rooting for him to do anything but continue dominating, but it’s still very, very early.