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7 responses to “Still Want to Boo Alfonso Soriano?”

  1. Kevin G

    I still think he needs to go to the AL and DH.

    1. jstraw

      With the length of his contract I think there’s a decent chance he can DH for the Cubs.

  2. brian

    I personally hope Soriano hits .650 this season with 160 knocked in and maybe 70 home runs, partially for the Cubs sake but more so for the fact that teams would be throwing in their first born in order to get Soriano and his contract

    1. brian

      Oh yea and a gold glove too

      1. alex

        Idon’t think that he will git it.

  3. KB

    He’s 5th in the NL in hitting (as per OPS).

  4. actual cubs fan

    The only way for Soriano to be worth his $18 mil is he puts up a .300 season at the plate while slamming close to 40 homers and driving in over 110. And of course not sticking out 150 times, 15-20 SB would justify due to injuries and lets see some assists in that OF not hops.