Ted Lilly was not the problem today – I want to be clear on that. However, he was not impressive, and has not been yet since his return to the Cubs. It’s a concern.

The problem – AGAIN – is the focus of today’s enhancement.


  • bric

    What is with not being able to get over the .500 mark? Another losing series. Lou should throw out his starting line up, forget about reading the stats depending on the starter, and just pull names out of a hat next time (I think it’s four now) he gets the chance to break the .500 mark. This is not a good sign for the rest of the season.

  • brian

    I think there really must be a lack of motivation or at least something along those lines. Every time after the Cubs win big they seem to go into the next series thinking they are Guaranteed to win and obviously they are not. The Cubs have a chance to get swept by the Pirates and if something isn’t done then this is going to be an even longer season than already expected.

    • Ace

      I think they’re just old and in decline. Shrug. Sigh. Cry.