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11 responses to “Zambrano is Still in the Bullpen, And is Staying There”

  1. jstraw

    Shut up. Lou’s trying to win baseball games. Shut up.

  2. Hawkboy64

    I hve a question if this really gets out of hand would the cubs consider letting Lou go and avoiding the Lou bs ryno thing at the end of the yr. And make him manager this yr. I really hope it dosent come to tht just wondering

    1. Rylan

      I heard that if Torre doesn’t stay in LA after this year, and Lou does leave, we might go after him instead of Ryno?

      1. jstraw

        You heard that? Where did you hear that?

        1. Rylan

          I think somewhere on ESPN or MLBTR

    2. Bric

      If it weren’t for all those no trade clauses it would be easy to break the team down and start over. After all, we’re still rooting for an almost identical team that got swept in the playoffs twice and only led for ONE inning out of 54. But because of the NTCs it’s not gonna happen. So what’s the easiest and cheapest solution? Dump Lou now. It kind of reminds of when the Astros brought in Phil Garner. He turned ‘em around and got to the penant. Lou’s the easiest to ax and his “uhs”, and “Well, we’re (sigh) just not playing well”s are getting pretty old. I mean, really? No shit. You’re not playing well? Then do something about it (and bitching at a reporter doesn’t count). Time to retire.