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10 responses to “Joe Torre to Manage the Cubs in 2011?”

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  2. jstraw

    That’s as close to Torre saying “NFW” as you’re likely to get.

  3. KB

    We should put up a poll: Brenley or Ryno for 2011 manager.
    I’d actually vote for Brenley.

    1. jstraw


    2. ed

      definitely brenly

      1. Allan

        Brenly…Torre is old…Joe Girardi maybe

  4. Rowan Campbell

    I think joe Girardi should manage the cubs in 2011 if the New york yankees don’t resign him.
    He knows the cubs orginazation he has been a cubs fan his whole life.
    He wanted the job after Dusty Baker was not resigned after 2006.
    I know LOu piniella got the job he has done a solid job.
    i think joe Girardi would be the best manager to take the cubs job in 2011.
    He is still young and has many years ahead of him.
    He has done a very good job job as Yankees manager.
    102 years is a long time to wait for a Championship.
    The cubs need to build a contender for 2011 and beyond.
    Iam optimistic for 2011.
    Us cubs fans deserve a winning team next year.
    So Tom Ricketts must sign Joe Giradi and give him a good offer.

    1. jstraw

      Umm. OK.

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