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11 responses to “Lou Piniella Using Pop Rocks When Dynamite is Due”

  1. pygreg

    I like Lou, but maybe it’s time for him to go soon. It’s obvious the order needs to be changed drastically until/if D-Lee and A-ram get hot. We need to stop trying to recreate the 08 team and work with what the players we currently have are currently doing.

  2. wax_eagle

    Ummm Bruce Miles just posted today’s lineup..Boom!

  3. Bric

    I agree. Watching the last couple of games against the Marlins really shows how unimaginitive he’s become. Before Castro trying it today, I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen someone bunt for a hit. Silva got his bunt down with three guys right up in his face. What’s wrong with pulling the bat back and trying to slap it past them? Lou’s got no fire, no creativity, no balls anymore. If he had a pair Aram would be sitting until Baker lost the job back to him.

    1. jstraw

      Silva’s bunt was beautiful.

      1. Bric

        True, but we didn’t get a run out of it so it was a wasted out. The point is Lou’s afraid to try anything risky. In his own words “It’s entertainment.” What!? I’d be thinking differently if the Cubs were playing good, disciplined baseball, but right now (even with tofay’s win) they’re not not.

  4. Jeff

    It’s becoming really difficult to watch Aramis at the plate lately. It seems that every game for the last couple of weeks he’s either striking out or hitting a week pop up with runners in scoring position when the Cubs are trying to rally. It doesn’t seem like he’s getting any better as the season goes on, his hard hit outs and fouls are even becoming few and far between. Lee seems to be coming out of his annual early season slump lately, but how long can the Cubs and Piniella afford to wait on Ramirez to hit, it’s going to cost a a team with 6 regulars batting over .300 a chance at the post season and possibly cost Lou his job.