Ryan Dempster missed a lot of bats, but it wasn’t enough. Aramis Ramirez had a two run double, so, well, there’s that.


  • Mark

    Did a little research… in the Cubs 22 loses, the Cubs have out hit or matched hits againts there opposition in 11 games. For a group of veterans, we are very un clutch in hitting and fielding.

    • Ace

      So is it just a fluke then? Bad luck? Most folks don’t believe “clutch” exists.

    • Jeff

      I wonder how the “clutch” stats are for the Cubs in those games when there are runners on base? It seems that after every loss I look at the box score and see 10 plus runners lob by the cubs every time, I do not classify that as clutch, it’s the opposite of clutch (I call it suck)