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14 responses to “The Chicago Cubs Would Like to Trade Derrek Lee”

  1. bodman

    And most importantly, who plays first base for the Cubs in 2011?

    Prince Fielder? He will be a free agent AND hes a lefty power bat. I doubt it happens though but I would love to see that.

  2. Jeff

    Why not try Tyler Colvin at first base? I know it’s probably difficult to switch positions so much, but he seems to be pretty versatile and has a pretty decent glove. I know it’s not the best scenario, but if they found a taker for Lee, I think he’s young enough and the season would be far gone enough at that point, that playing him at first seems like a good idea to me and solves the whole Colvin not getting enough ab’s problem.

    1. Kevin G

      I made.that suggestion about a month ago on another Forum and wad told that was the dumbest idea They have ever hear.

    2. Kevin G

      I made.that suggestion about a month ago on another Forum and wad told that was the dumbest idea They have ever hear. I dont think its a bad idea just to see how he looks.

  3. daddio

    Blow this team up!! they all suck….none of them are hungry enough to bring what we need in chicago!!

  4. KB

    I would not be at all adverse to a 100% fire sale. But ONLY with a new GM. Otherwise, it’d be a total waste of time.

  5. ed

    I just dont get this. Lee is the only 1B man in the system. Next year is a different story but for the remainder of this year the cubs cannot get any better than DLee, unless of course they can trade for a big bat in the mean time, and as the Padres are doing better than most, I dont see that happening.

    As for the fire sale idea, who would be traded? Zambrano, Sori, Ramirez, Fukudome? I wish! No body wants or needs those guys. The cubs would be rid of those four guys tomorrow if they could. But it just wont happen.

    Keep dreaming guys.

  6. KB

    Ace, why would you let Hendry conduct the fire sale? So he could build a new team around his governing principles?
    We need to clean fucking house. I hate to use profanity on this site, but sometimes it’s needed to show the depth of my feeling. And i’m emphatic about it; clean fucking house, starting with the head of the snake. CUT OFF THE HEAD.

    1. Mr. Brown

      In that case, let’s pretend that the snake is John Grabow.

  7. Dingo

    I love Lee, probably my favourite Cub. But the bloke is playing like absolute dogshit. First base now days is a power bat position and we aren’t getting any of that. But I would hold off for another month before conducting a fire sale. Still four months left in the season for them to pull their collective fingers out of their cornholes and actually learn to play the fucking game